Winners Wearing Tajima Polarized Lens Technology

College Sailing Champs in Tajima Lenses

Tajima Polarized Lenses Take 1-2 at ICSA Singlehanded Collegiate Sailing Nationals!

Big congrats to Stanford freshman Chapman Petersen on the victory and St. Mary’s Senior Leo Boucher in second, both wearing our patented Tajima Polarized Lens technology at last weekend’s Collegiate Singlehanded Nationals.

Runner-up Boucher was sporting his go-to, all-around Tajima Polarized Gray 15 Silver Mirror lenses during the two day championship, while Petersen optimized his lens technology to the changing light conditions swapping between his Tajima Copper / Rose 15 Silver Mirror lenses and specifically developed low light contrast enhancing Tajima Yellow Green 40 Silver Mirror lenses depending on the conditions. When asked about how the lenses impacted his regatta and what he wore, Chapman responded, “I think lenses have a huge impact on one’s ability to see pressure and shifts on the racecourse, which is especially important at any college sailing venue. Being on the water for 7 hours, the weather inevitably changes, so having lens options for different conditions is crucial. On Saturday, I wore the darker Tajima copper rose lenses through the middle of the day while the sun was bright, and then switched to the lighter Tajima Yellow Green lenses when it got quite cloudy and the sun was behind us. Being able to keep the contrast with the lighter yellow green lenses – while other sailors had to take their sunglasses off to see – gave me an edge over my competition.”

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