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1. Find Your Frames

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2. Choose New Lenses

Match your old lens color
or try something new
Rx and non-Rx available

3. Place Your Order

Receive the lenses for your own installation*
or send them in for our experts to install
Note: All prescription orders and
some frames must be sent in

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of Tajima Direct Lenses.

Advanced Digital Equipment

Custom Lens Cutting
For Any Frame You Choose

Sustainably Focused.

Promoting a Circular Economy.

By choosing to replace and
upgrade your favorite eyewear
with Tajima Direct Lenses,
you can reduce the impact you have
on the planet by keeping your
current frames out of the landfill.

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Yes, you can get new sunglass lenses or prescription lenses custom-made for any frame you already own. For non-prescription lenses, you can search for your frame in our database to have the lenses shipped to you or you can send them to us for a custom lens replacement to have our experts install the new lenses for you. All prescription lens replacements must be sent in.

It costs $99 to get new polarized lenses put into any frame. Prescription lenses range from $249-$349 for clear, $325-$425 for polarized sun, and $375-$495 for light-adaptive Transitions lenses.

Yes, you can get new lenses for any pair of sunglasses through Tajima Direct. It costs $99 for any of our polarized lens colors to be put into any frame. Start by searching for your frames to have the lenses shipped to you for your own installation or send them to us for a custom lens replacement.

Yes, you can get new prescription lenses custom-made for any frame. Tajima Direct has options for clear Rx lenses, polarized sunglass Rx lenses, or light-adaptive Transitions Rx lenses. Available in Single Vision or Progressive. Start the prescription lens replacement process here.

If your frames are in good shape, you should consider replacing your lenses to (1) Do your part for our planet by reusing frames you already have instead of adding them to the landfill. (2) Save money by avoiding spending more on a full new pair. (3) Upgrade your lens quality as Tajima lenses will be superior than your originals. (4) Extend the life of your favorite frames. Give yourself a new look with a different lens color or match your originals to keep the same style.

There are many elements that go into crafting high quality lenses, specifically lens materials, coatings, and lens designs (for Rx lenses). We only offer one flat fee in each of our lens offerings that comes standard with the very best in all of those categories. We also possess unique patented lens technology that creates the world's sharpest polarized & prescription lenses. Learn more on our lens technology page.

Our lenses are custom cut, and orders are processed in our state-of-the-art lab in Southern California, United States.
When you send in your glasses for new lenses, they will go to our lab in Southern California.
Our polarized lenses are originally made in our lens making facility in Tajima, Japan.

Non Prescription Lenses take 2-4 business days to make the lenses and ship them for your own installation or once we receive the frame if we are installing them.
Prescription Lenses take 7-10 business days once we receive your frames.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your new lenses, we’ll give you a full refund with free return shipping. You have 30 days from when you receive your new lenses to claim your return.