Why Should You Get New Lenses from Tajima Direct?

New Tajima Polarized Replacement Lenses

We Strive To Maximize Value
For Our Customers

We focus on bringing forward
only the very highest quality product
at an exceptionally fair price
without sacrificing personalized human to
human knowledgeable customer service.

You can find cheaper prices elsewhere.
At the expense of quality.
You can pay more for perceived
higher quality. But you’ll be overpaying
for equal or inferior product.


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Tajima Polarized Replacement Lens Review

Absolute Best Quality Lenses

We only offer the best of the best,
with lens materials, coatings & Rx designs.

Nobody can compete with our lens quality.


Due to our patented Tajima Urethane Polarized
Lens Technology that we make ourselves
in our Lens Factory in Tajima, Osaka, Japan.
Our lens material is different.
Our polarized film is different.
Our lens fabrication process is different.
All constructed in Japan using a combination
of advanced technology, patented materials,
black-box secret techniques and processes by
time-honored Japanese skilled craftsmen and women.

These lenses are then custom cut to your
specific frame and (prescription) requirements
here in our modern lens laboratory in
California before shipping directly to you.

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Transparent, Affordable Pricing

We’re simplifying the process of buying lenses
by removing cheap options, confusing add ons, and heavy mark ups.

We offer all-inclusive flat fee pricing giving
you all the bells and whistles at
incredibly reasonable prices by cutting out
the middle man and going direct-to-you.


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Helpful, Responsive Customer Service

While providing a superior quality product,
we really view our business as a service.
We put a lot of effort into providing
amazing customer service by being
knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive.

We’ll keep you updated throughout the process
and work with you if you need them by a certain date.

Because we believe so deeply in our
product & service, we’re happy to offer a
100% satisfaction guarantee, providing a
30 day window of free returns and free
shipping all the way around (in the USA).


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