When Mookie Calls

Mookie Betts Sunglasses

Early last month Dodgers All-Star Mookie Betts called asking if we’d assist him with Tajima’s performance lens technology in stylish, design-driven frames to better reflect his personal style on the field. We knew exactly who to bring in to this unique collaboration.

As the premier polarized lens maker in the world, we’re proud to have great partners we supply. One of our favorites is the technical, fashion forward brand Mykita. Tajima collaborated with the innovative German brand to develop
their Polarized Pro advanced polarized lens technology that Mykita offers throughout their sunglass range.

Mookie Betts Playing in Mykita Frame with Tajima Lenses

Here’s Mookie last Sunday wearing Mykita’s Borga frame with Tajima’s Polarized Pro lenses, showing off his athleticism and cannon making this incredible throw in the 9th inning.

As Dodgers’ announcer Joe Davis commented: “Mookie making the unbelievable happen, while looking like he’s ready for a night out on the town wearing his fancy shades that are as stylish as his game…”

Mookie has ideas… this journey is just beginning!

Watch Mookie’s incredible 9th inning play here.