Wasting Money on Crap

Wasting Our Hard Earned Money on Crap.
Why Do We Do That? 

The Japanese have long understood the value of quality. Quality over quantity.
Well made, quality goods that perform over time, and last = Value.

When you purchase high quality goods that are materially and measurably superior, care for them and use for their intended benefits, you gain a longer product life, which equates to higher levels of overall satisfaction.
Happy With New Lenses
Tajima Polarized Lenses are made in our lens making facility in Tajima, Japan.
Then custom-cut to your specific frame in our modern optical lab in Southern California.
Tajima polarized lenses, and Rx lens solutions, will always provide the highest quality in materials and craftsmanship on the market at a very fair price.
We're the opposite of crap!
Japanese Tajima Lens Inspection
Japan Made Tajima Lenses
There’s a lot of cheap crap on the market.
You can fool yourself into buying crap, time and time again, due to the low price and constant promotion.
Or, you can make a smarter decision, and invest in superior, materially better Tajima lenses that will provide improved vision, longer life and greater satisfaction.

Make a good decision and stop buying crap over and over again.

Patented Tajima Urethane Lenses compared to other common lens materials:
*Optical lens testing performed by Colts Labs. The only independent certified optical testing lab in America.
Lens Material Comparison Chart
Most replacement lenses and many brands use polycarbonate.
Why? It’s cheap.
Easily mass produced in low-cost parts of the world. Then meant to fool you by claiming “optical grade” or ”hi quality.” In other words: various grades of crap.
We won’t touch polycarbonate. Poor optics, scratches easily, inherent birefringence distortion.

According to Colts Labs Tajima Urethane achieves the highest score possible for optical clarity, 40 lines of resolution (max score), equal to glass and much higher than polycarbonate.

Tajima Urethane is 5x more durable and scratch resistant than polycarbonate and nylon. In optical parlance, the Bayer Test.

Impact resistant. Won't shatter or crack like glass or CR39. Only Tajima Urethane, Trivex and polycarbonate pass ANSI Standards for Hi Mass Impact and Hi Velocity.

Tajima Polarized Lenses are the lightest weight polarized lenses made.
Patented Tajima Urethane Polarized lenses are exclusively available from Tajima-Direct.com