Introducing the 5Q’s Series: People Who Inspire Us!

Daniela Moroz Kitesurfing

Meet the Queen of Kite Racing and reigning
World Champion and Rolex Women’s Sailor of the Year:
Daniela Moroz

4-Time Kite Racing World Champion (won her first at the age of 15),
2-Time Rolex Women’s Sailor of the Year,
Daniela’s the most dominant female kiteboarder in the world.
Now at the ripe age of 19, she splits her time training and in college,
where she just finished her freshman yeaer at University of Hawaii.
But her sights are clearly set on Gold when kitefoiling
makes its Olympic debut at Paris 2024

Daniela Moroz Wearing Tajima Lenses

Daniela became one of our early Tajima Direct customers
when she wanted to upgrade into new Tajima Gray 15 Black Mirror lenses
for her custom Rolex frames she won,
along with a gorgeous Rolex timepiece,
when she was named Sailor of the Year.

Daniela Moroz Rolex Sailor of the Year

5 Questions with Daniela Moroz:

1. What inspires you each and every day to do what you do?

I’m extremely lucky to have so many incredible role models that I look up to that inspire me every day. At the same time, my love for kiting and competitive drive are what motivate me to continue racing and constantly trying to improve and be the best athlete I can be.

2. As an elite athlete with multiple interests, how do you decide what sport to play, activity or discipline to train for each day?

This really depends on the time of the year. During the school year I focus more on swimming, gym training, and doing my homework. Oftentimes I’m doing three workouts a day and try to spend the weekends on the water. During the racing season, which is generally the summer through fall, I try to get out on the water every day and take recovery days every 4-5 days.

3. How has Covid-19 and the resulting shutdown affected, impacted / disrupted your life?

The lockdown has definitely changed a lot for me. As an athlete I am very used to having a rough schedule or plan for what my next 3-6 months look like. Since all events were either cancelled or postponed, it’s difficult to make any plans or have a schedule. However, I’m still sticking to a daily routine, and I’ve actually appreciated being in one place for an extended period of time so that I can really make the most of that routine.

4. Were there any “Silver Linings” or positive surprises that may have resulted from the Covid-19 shutdown?

I have definitely found lots of silver linings! As I mentioned, it’s been nice being in one place for an extended period of time rather than moving around a lot. I thrive in structure and routine, so being in a single place has allowed me to be really efficient with at home training. I also had a really busy fall 2019 with several back-to-back events, so now it’s actually nice to have a bit of a break from a busy competition schedule with everything being postponed or cancelled.

5. What’s impressed you most about Tajima Direct and your new lenses; and how would you recommend to a friend?

I think a lot of people have some frames they love, but after a while the lenses get beat up, yet you still want to keep using those frames. Tajima allows you to replace those worn lenses with extremely high quality and durable lenses that are oftentimes far better than the originals. When I first switched out the lenses in my Rolex frames I couldn’t believe the difference!

Daniela Moroz Rolex Frame Tajima Lenses

Daniela Moroz Foil Kiting

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