How To: Clean and Take Care of Your Lenses

Cleaning and Caring For Your New Lenses

You bought those super sharp Tajima Direct™ polarized replacement lenses, or brand new prescription lenses to upgrade your vision – but also to protect your eyes and the sensitive skin around your eyes. Your lenses block out harmful UV Rays, remove harsh glare while sharpening your view – but they’re also your outside layer of optical-armor. Shielding your eyes from dirt, dust, salt-spray and all types of flotsam and jetsam coming at you. All that gunk builds up on your lenses. So let’s talk about how you keep those new lenses clean and why it’s important to properly care for your Tajima™ polarized lenses with proper technique and tools. Like any smart investment, if you take that extra care to clean and protect your new Tajima Direct polarized or prescription lenses, they’ll take great care of you for a long, lasting time.

Cleaning New Lenses

Cleaning Tajima Prescription Glasses

Improper cleaning can do more damage to your lenses than not cleaning them at all.

First rule. Don’t use that T-shirt or top to clean your lenses! The fibers and material will leave micro scratches – especially if it has salt, sand or dust embedded – which it likely does. Second no-no – don’t wipe those lenses off while the dirt, dust, salt or sand is on your lenses. Unless of course, you prefer cleaning your lenses with sandpaper. You want to avoid “rubbing” the particles into your beautiful lenses which will result in immediate micro-scratching.

Here’s your simple, three-step guide to proper lens cleaning and care for a sharper view and longer life:

1. Rinse your Lenses

Fresh water will do wonders. And if you have sunscreen, skin oils, or fingerprints on your lenses, a little warm water and non-abrasive dish soap will work for removing particles, impurities and oils. Use your clean fingers to gently swirl the water and dish soap on and around your lenses removing the oils. Then thoroughly rinse with fresh water.

Cleaning Sunglasses

Cleaning Tajima Sunglass Lenses

2. Tamp Dry with Microfiber

What is Microfiber? Think of it as the chamois used to dry your car after it’s washed and rinsed. Take out the Microfiber cleaning cloth or Microfiber storage pouch provided with your Tajima Direct polarized lens purchase. Tamp your lenses dry. Then, with another, dry section of the microfiber, wipe them clean. Always avoid beach towels, golf towels, or towels of any sort as they usually have impurities stuck in the fibers and their material construction will damage your lenses as you wipe. Avoid T-shirts and any other non-microfiber cloth. Feel free to toss your microfiber in the washing machine every once in a while to remove dirt and particles and keep clean for continued use.

Cleaning Sunglass Lenses with Cloth

Cleaning Tajima Lenses with Cloth

3. Storage

Always store your frames and lenses in a microfiber pouch / soft or hard case. Not only will it protect them, you’ll keep daily dust and dirt away. We love the microfiber storage pouch. Why? It offers two-in-one functionality: Protects your lenses and acts as a built-in lens wipe always at your disposal.

Storing Tajima Lenses in Bag

Storing Tajima Sunglasses in Microfiber Bag


OK, so you live an active life. You get outside – that’s why you bought Tajima Direct lenses in the first place: you demand a sharp, colorful view and appreciate quality lenses to enhance your active life. Maybe you sail, fish, play golf, tennis, hike, climb, bike, or just enjoy the beach, mountains and great outdoors. These activities expose you to particles and airborne elements that will impede your view as they cake on your lenses, so how do you clean your lenses while out doing your thing?

Tajima Sunglass Lenses Cycling

Tajima Sunglass Lenses Fishing

Tajima Sunglass Lenses Sailing

1. Drinking Water is your Friend!

Whether on a boat, golf course, hike or simply enjoying the beach, STOP. Before you reach to wipe your lenses clean while they have salt spray, sand or dust on them – take your fresh drinking water and splash or spray a little on your lenses, then gently shake the water and loosened particles from the lenses. Then wipe clean with your clean microfiber cloth or pouch.

2. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth / Pouch

When you purchase Tajima Direct lenses, we automatically supply you with the finest cleaning tool in your arsenal (your chamois!) – your Microfiber cloth or pouch. Keep it clean. Have it with you and stored so it’s free of sand, dirt, dust, etc. After you spray your lenses with fresh water, use that micro fiber to tamp your lenses dry and then wipe clean. Boom! You’ve got clean windows for your eyes again and you can resume play.

  • Be sure to shake your micro fiber free of particles then rinse it in freshwater at the end of the session and let it dry for the next day (feel free to toss it in the washing machine and dryer).

3. You’re a sailor or a fisherman … your lenses are caked with salt, and it’s wet out.

  • Fresh water and micro fiber are your friends. See Pro Tips 1 and 2 above.
  • If you can’t keep your microfiber dry, or it’s already too wet, and salt spray is caking up on your lenses. Don’t fret.
  • Use your fresh drinking water and give your lenses a hard spray to wash off the caked salt crystals. All Tajima Direct polarized and Rx lenses have a special Hydrophobic outer lens coating treatment to help shed water. While salt spray can still cake on, when you spray fresh water on your lenses, the hydrophobic lens coating will help “shed” and disperse the salt crystals and impurities off the lens. Just put them on and go. The salt crystals will be gone and fresh water dispersed – leaving a cleaner view than before.
  • No drinking water…no problem. Grab your frames in your hand – securely holding the front of the frames and lenses in your palm (arms to swing free so not to break a hinge). Carefully swipe into the ocean or body of water you’re on. As you carefully and securely give them a swipe, the salt crystals and impurities will come right off and the special hydrophobic coating will allow the excess water to run right off giving you some temporary reprieve. Continue as necessary until you can provide a proper fresh water cleaning.
  • If your lenses started off the day clean of oils and sunscreens, this Pro Tip will work. As the day wears on and skin oils and sunscreens cake on your lenses, a proper clean will be necessary as the oils and water don’t mix.

4. Pro Tip Summary:

  • Fresh Water is your friend
  • Clean Microfiber cloths / pouches are multi-purpose – invest in them and keep clean and handy. Microfiber storage pouch pulls double-duty as a lens cleaning cloth and storage / carry unit.
  • Daily lens rinsing after use to remove impurities, as well as oils and sunscreen build-up.

Make these cleaning tips part of your daily regime and routine and not only will your lenses be sparkling clean, they’ll last much longer than you think. Like anything in life, take care of your lens investment and your Tajima Direct lenses will take care of you!