5Qs: Living Off the Grid in Guadaloupe

Fishing in Tajima Lenses

Meet the Waterman from the Caribbean

Marin Larretche is living a life many of us only think about.
Born and raised on the French Caribbean island of Guadalupe,
the 23 year-old professional fisherman makes his living from the ocean.
The same ocean that delivers his daily dose of inspiration, strength and gratitude,
is both his office and his playground.
One that’s as harsh and powerful, as it is beautiful and bountiful!
In this environment, quality polarization and sharp optics
are as important as serious eye protection.

Marin Larretche Fishing

Marin Larretche Surfing

Marin lives in our Tajima Direct polarized replacement lenses
in the harsh, glare-drenched environment
of the French Caribbean every day.
His Tajima polarized lens tints of choice:
Gray 15 Blue Mirror on the open ocean.
Brown 15 Green Mirror inshore.

Fishing in Blue Mirror Lenses

Fishing in Green Mirror Lenses

5 Questions with Marin Larretche:

What inspires you each and every day to do what you do?

“Ce qui m’inspire chaque jour c’est bien évidemment la mer, la passion de l’océan, l’envie d’y être tout les jours. Nous avons une chance énorme d’avoir de vivre sur une île qui nous permet d’avoir l’accès facile à l’océan, pour de multiples activités nautique.”
“What inspires me everyday is obviously the water, my passion of the ocean, the desire to be there everyday. We have an advantage to be living on an island that permits us to have easy access to the ocean, for the many activities in the water.”

As an elite athlete with multiple interests, how do you decide what sport to play, activity or discipline to train for each day?

“Je décide de mes activités en fonction de la météo, si les vagues sont au rendez-vous je vais surfer, si le vent souffle j’essaie de m’abriter dans les baies, mangrove ou marina à la recherche de beaux poisson a la canne du bord, lorsque les éléments sont calmés nous pouvont alors sortir le kayak et partir faire du jigg ou de la chasse sous marine.”
“I decide my activities in terms of the weather. If the waves are here, I’ll go surf, if it’s windy I try to shelter in the bays, mangroves or marina and search for good fish at the edge of the water. And when everything is calm, we can take the kayak out and jigg, or dive and spearfish. ”

How has Covid-19 and the resulting shutdown affected, impacted / disrupted your life?

“Le Covid pour moi n’a rien changé dans ma vie car je suis professionnel et nous avions le droit d’exercer la pêche, et j’habite près de la mer alors nous avons pu aller surfer et pêcher comme on le voulait. Suite à la fermeture je n’ai pas vu de réel changement mis à part le droit de circuler normalement..”

“For me, Covid didn’t change anything for my life because I am a professional and we have the right to fish, and I live very close to the water so we could go surf and fish as we pleased. I didn’t really see any differences except for the right to circulate normally.”

Were there any “Silver Linings” or positive surprises that may have resulted from the Covid-19 shutdown?

NA see above.

What’s impressed you most about Tajima Direct and your new replacement lenses; and how would you recommend to a friend?

“Ce qui m’a le plus impressionné avec Tajima c’est la façon dont vois êtes venu vers moi, et la rapidité avec la quelle vous avez voulu collaborer avec moi. Les lentilles sont de hautes qualités, pour avoir essayer tout les grosses marques de lunettes pour la pêche, celle la font le poids !! Les verres et le style des montures est impeccable, je ne sort plus sans ma paire de Tajima !!! Pour les recommander à un ami je lui mettrai mes lunettes sur le nez face à la mer, qu’il puissent admirer la vie façon Tajima, plus de reflet sur l’océan et la démarcation des roches..”

“What impresses me the most with Tajima is the way in which we came together, and the quickness and service you’ve provided me. The lenses are the highest quality … having tried all the biggest brand names for sunglasses for fishing, these are the best! The lenses are impeccable, I don’t go anywhere without my pair of Tajimas! To recommend them to a friend, I would put my sunglasses on his nose while facing the water, so he can admire life through his #TajimaView, no more reflections on the ocean and with the rocks…everything is so sharp and colorful.”

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